The application requires JVM 1.8

Front-end is not required Java for work. Just run browser and go


1. extract zip file to any directory
2. copy key.lic to application path
3. install_service.cmd as Administrator from cmd (shift+right click mouse run “run as different user”)
4. check status windows service “TSMExplorer Server SPP”

if you don’t have administrative rights can start the application as standalone from cmd
>java -Xmx512m -jar spp.jar start


1. extract zip file to any directory
2. set chmod 0755 for spp.rc
3. change variable PATH_TSMEXPLORER_SPP to absolute path in spp.rc
4. run ‘spp.rc start’ for start service
– run ‘spp.rc stop’ for stop service
– run ‘spp.rc status’ show status service
– run ‘spp.rc restart’ restart service

For autostart you can use inittab file or set tsmagent.rc to /etc/init.d


tsmexplorer_spp::once:/usr/tivoli/tsm/tsmexplorer_spp/tsmexp.aix.rc start > /dev/console 2>&1 # TSMExplorer SPP

The application has started

wait 1-2 minutes for first collection!

open browser and go to https://your_host:5040/start

default access login/password – admin/admin

change default administrative password from console
>java -jar spp.jar -password YOUR_NEW_PASSWORD

Update application

– stop application service
– update all files and path except: app.cfg, spp.rc