TSMExplorer 6.0.5
changed access policy to SP servers via application (added SP authentication)
updated libraries
application works with Java 11 and above now
app uses SSL connection only now
many small changes
remove support x32 platforms
only ssl communication enable
fixed minor bugs
read README.txt for update v5 to v6
TSMExplorer 5.9.2
updated chart library to apexchart
added chart for SUR
fixed minor bugs
many small improvements
TSMExplorer 5.8.7
many many small improvements
TSMExplorer 5.8.3
remove binary for external events. only CURL
modified order for tree items
fixed problem with UPDATE SCRIPT
TSMExplorer 5.8.1
TSMExplorer 5.8.0
Important release
Modified view start page!
many many small improvements
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.7.1
added remote run/stop TSM client services
added remote view client storages
modified audit command
small improvements
TSMExplorer 5.7.0
modified remote access to client nodes
added remote access with private key for unix hosts
fixed minor bugs
code optimization
added many small improvements
TSMExplorer 5.6.4
added search files inside filespaces (filespace tab)
added ability extended edit for command line
TSMExplorer 5.6.2
many small improvements
updated java libraries lib/
modified SPP module
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.6.0
added filters for replication, daily amount
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.9
modified module for working with SPP
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.8
modified work with credentionals for access to nodes vi smb/ssh
added statistic for number of objects, primiry pools by time
updated libraries
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.8
modified work with credentionals for access to nodes vi smb/ssh
added statistic for number of objects, primiry pools by time
updated libraries
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.5
added support Google for cloud storage pool
added define/update copy stgrule
added function convert stgpool
added function deactivate pool
added “tail”(read last N rows) for remote acccess to UNIX logs via sftp
increased available size of file for read WINDOWS logs vi smb
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.4
added S3 functions for v.8.1.11
fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.5.3
added the button for access to node via smb/ssh as separate option if not added credentials before
fixed problem with create report and assign it to node’s groups
small changes
TSMExplorer 5.5.2
added tab approval operations
added define/update object domain/node
added separate secure notes for nodes
fixed minor bugs
small changes
TSMExplorer 5.4.9
Fixed problem with huge volume history
small changes
TSMExplorer 5.4.5
Fixed minor bugs
Many small changes
TSMExplorer 5.4.4
Decreased number requests to SP servers
Increased memory consumption up to 1024Mb (need update exe files) for windows system
Minor changes
TSMExplorer 5.4.1
Updated java libraries ( replace lib/ )
Fixed problem with smtp for java above 1.8
Small changes
TSMExplorer 5.4.0
Added new function and fields for compatibility with 8.1.10
Many many many minor changes
Fixed problem with display with high resolution
A lot of optimization for interfaces’ speed
Fixed minor bugs
Strongly recommended for update previous version
TSMExplorer 5.3.4
Modified Statistic view for Collector Tab
Several minor changes
Impove performance for work with a lot of SP servers (100 and above)
Fixed define/update scripts operations
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.3.3
Fixed small bug with associate Client Options Set
Modified management module for SPP
Updated Agent window
Updated some java libraries (you have to update path lib/)
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.3.1
Modified view Activity Log
Added filter ‘lock node’ for report
Impoved stability of app
Fixed problem with exclude for Log Alerts
Fixed minor bugs
Many small changes
TSMExplorer 5.3.0
Fixed OutOfMemoryError for report
Modified SPP module
Minor changes
TSMExplorer 5.2.7
Fixed bug with exclude for activity log
Added report item ‘Failed virtual client’
Modified code for run customized scripts for reports and works with TSM scripts
Modified module for SPP
TSMExplorer 5.2.6
Updated java libraries
Minor changes
TSMExplorer 5.2.5
Added long-time collection for space usage for nodes, domains, filespaces
Added audit container for directory
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.2.3
Added first version for manage Spectrum Protect Plus. Enough add or change “spp = true” in app.cfg
TSMExplorer 5.2.2
Added an additional conformation for some delete operations
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.2.0
Fixed problem with creation report
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.1.8
Minor release
Updated \lib
Added “approve command” for version 8.1.9
Added posibility send html report as attachment
Modified pdf reports
TSMExplorer 5.1.4
Added alert for schedule/extended evets
Added availibity to send extended event without CURL (see manual)
TSMExplorer 5.1.3
Modified view Remote Access to nodes
Added function for collect external events from clients
Modified remote agents
Optimization code
Updated libraries
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.1.0
Added filter by Group and Domains for Occupancy tab
Deep refactoring and optimization code
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 5.0.6
Fixed small and rare none critical bug
Performance and optimization
TSMExplorer 5.0.2
Performance and optimization
TSMExplorer 5.0.0
Modified parsing engine
many small improvement and changes
update libraries
TSMExplorer 4.9.8
replaced RWT libraries (lib/rap)
modified works with association node group to users
modified mini-portal for users of client type
small improvements
Fixed small bugs
TSMExplorer 4.9.6
Fixed small bugs
TSMExplorer 4.9.2
Available tab for VMs for all servers
Small impovements
TSMExplorer 4.8.7
Available update node from common list nodes for all servers
Small impovements
TSMExplorer 4.8.5
Fixed bug for define/update local users
Small impovements
TSMExplorer 4.8.3
Big release with many changes for interface
After start to wait for 2-3 min for first collection
TSMExplorer 4.8.0
Added sort for item’s report
TSMExplorer 4.7.8
Added report for multiservers
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.7.2
Modified generate dedupstat operation
small optimization
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.7.0
Full integration with AD
Many small changes
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.5.7
Many many changes
Added remote read/write for TSM config file with adminitrative host credentionals (windows and unix)
Updated lib files!!!
Updated exe and sh startup files!!!
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.5.1
Many many changes
Reports bind with node group now
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.4.2
Optimization code
TSMExplorer 4.4.0
Speed and stability!!!
Many changes!!!
TSMExplorer 4.3.6
Modified command line
Modified DRMedia
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.3.4
Modified query content
Fixed bugs
TSMExplorer 4.3.3
Added function Retention Sets for 8.1.7
TSMExplorer 4.3.2
Change view for some widgets
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 4.3.1
Remove password operations from audit log
TSMExplorer 4.2.6
Optimization code. Increased speed of works
TSMExplorer 4.2.4
Fixed minor bugs
TSMExplorer 4.2.2
refactiring code
updated libraries
small changes
TSMExplorer 4.2.0
Many small changes
TSMExplorer 4.1.5
Added filter by node group
Modified occupancy view
Many small changes
TSMExplorer 4.1.1
Many small improvements
TSMExplorer 4.0.9
Available change a-risk mode for many nodes
Small improvements
Fixed minir bugs
TSMExplorer 4.0.8
Modified work with vSphere
Changed user portal
Change session tab
Small improvements
TSMExplorer 4.0.7
Changed ‘copy rows’ function
Small changes
TSMExplorer 4.0.6
Fixed problem with define/update report
TSMExplorer 4.0.5
Modified work with TSM DB
Fixed minir bugs
TSMExplorer 4.0.4
Modified copy rows operations
Modified mini-portal for users
Fixed minir bugs
TSMExplorer 4.0.3
Modified audit for containers
TSMExplorer 4.0.2
Fixed small bugs with compatible v6.3
TSMExplorer 4.0.1
Integreted REST-API for requests to SP servers (read manual)
Added nodes tab for all SP servers
Many small changes
Fixed bugs